Code of Ethics

The Niagara Regional Native Centre subscribes to and…  

  • Believes in the preservation, enhancement and expression of Native culture. 

  • Believes that the needs of the Native community are of paramount importance. 

  • Believes that the privilege to serve the native community is a high and coveted honour. 

  • Believes that this privilege to serve, is one that requires commitment and dedication. 

  • Believes in the importance of recognizing people as individuals. 

  • Believes that the individuals striving for self-sufficiency provide the “key” to healthy community development. 

  • Believes that the strength of the community is dependent on the strength of its individual members, 

  • Believes in the pursuit of healthy interaction with the community at large. 

  • Believes in achieving and maintaining at all times, the highest standards possible, when delivering its programs, activities and services. 

  • Believes in attaining and promoting superior leadership.